Compare Wheels

115mm Rubber Airless Wheels 105mm/120mm CloudWheels 150mm Pneumatic AT Wheels 97MM PU Wheels
Size 115mm 105mm/120mm 150mm 97mm
Durometer 70A - Grippy and Long Lasting 78A N/A 74A
Speed Up to 48km (on Onsra boards) Up to 54km/h (120mm - on Onsra boards) Up to 46kmh (on Onsra boards) Up to 48km/h (on Onsra boards)
Range Up to 45km (on Onsra boards) Up to 52km (on Onsra boards) Up to 42km (on Onsra boards) Up to 40km (on Onsra boards)
Weight 550 grams/pc

105mm: 450 grams/pc

12-mm: 550 grams/pc

550 grams/pc 350 grams/pc
Acceleration/Braking Good acceleration and solid braking Good acceleration and braking Good acceleration but less than other options due to higher rolling resistance Softer acceleration and braking. Perfect for hill climbs
Feel Grippy rubber Nice and grippy Grippy like a bike tyre Super-smooth acceleration and braking. Faster top speeds
Slides Only on loose terrain. Hard to slide on concrete paths and asphalt Yes, but only on looser surfaces Hard to slide. Only on extra loose gravel Perfect for sliding anywhere, especially smooth surfaces (roads/paths)