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Can't believe what a pleasure it's been to order through Onsra. My hat is off to you my friends.

Friendly service

Quick delivery, kept informed through out delivery period. Very good service

Great Bearings

I like these bearing better than the stock ones.

150mm At wheel kit

The kit looks good, but still waiting for the BC2 to arrive (stock not available at the moment)

Onsra Black Carve 1 All Terrain Belt Drive Electric Skateboard


Onsra Black Carve 1 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard
First Direct drive board, really enjoying it

Only been e-skateboarding for about 5 months now and this is only my 2nd board. Have been a snowboarder for 6 years prior though.
Unboxing was a nice experience and the package seems premium.
Initially surprised how much power and torque the board has. I’m a big guy and combined with my backpack for university I would guess it’s about 100kg of weight on the board. It effortlessly climbs all the hills that I’ve thrown at it and takes off as quick as you could ever want in an urban setting.
The DKP setup took a little getting used to and I’m still a little less stable at high speed than my first board, but have comfortably got up to about 35kph on smooth surfaces. It’s early days and I hope to adjust things soon.

Might have a minor issue with how the board’s battery capacity % is reported to the remote, but I am hoping that it is just a calibration glitch or something like that. Twice the board has seemed to go flat / stopped powering on when the remote says it has 2 or 3 bars left & no “low power” warnings have come up (I did get this warning the first time the battery was low when riding). I’ve only just emailed support about this at the time of writing the review and hope to hear from them soon though.

All up no big complaints from the newbie.

3rd black carve

this is my thirs onsra. great boards. 100% worth the money.

Spendy, but great service and response

I love everything about this board so far. Really easy to learn with the first remote mode and after getting the hang of it I take it every where with me just so much fun. You can seriously cover some ground on this thing. Wish I could use it all year round! You wont regret buying one of these.


Really just an absolute beast of a board
5 Stars all the way and excellent customer service (Dani) helped me and was awesome

The folks at ONSRA California have been super helpful though when I bought my Black Carve Dual belt.

Onsra dual belt

Hi team this is Jason speaking. Im a Polynesian living here in Australia. Height is 5f 11in and weight is 118kg. Man this board can handle my weight for big guy and I get around 25-30 km range on full charge. Ive hit 46km max speed for my weight , havent tried to go more then that . Ive had the board for around a month and done 160k and still no problem yet. The team from onsra are great I ordered the direct broad by mistake and they were able to change it quickly for me. So yea I like to say thanks to fabi and onsra team for great board and I might get the direct broad and see if it has the balls to hold up like the dual belt board with my weight on.

Ferrari of the AT Carving boards

absolutely love the AT version that i purchased, actually got the Dual Belt and after added the AT KIT which was pretty simple to swap too. the board now is awesome, lost some range but going over everything so smooth and fast.

Love the dual belt

I love this dual belt board! Its built solidly, and rides like a dream machine. Ive been riding skateboards for many years, this board carves like nothing Ive ever ridden before, and the range is great for my needs! Youre feet will get tired before this board runs out of power. I already want to buy the Direct Drive next. Thanks Onsra california for helping me decide & helping me all the way!

wonderful board and service

love the deck and the torque i get out of it, and after riding for few years on bunch of other electric skateboards i can feel i've reached the one i was looking for, that besides the looks, such a bat mobile look. as for the service I'm so happy, any question any request i get an answer, who can ask for more.

Super fast!

If youre looking for a top of the line eboard, look no further. The Black Curve 2 is the Lamborghini of eboards!

The best premium board I've ever ridden

As part of my local esk8 group I've had the chance to try out many different boards over the last few months. When I rode my friend's Onsra black carve dual belt for the first time in August, I immediately fell in love and ordered one from myself. It's an amazing premium board and I can recommend it to everyone who likes speed and range!

I received my new black carve from ONSRA California.
I enjoyed the carving and the speed of the board. Its so much fun than my Evolve GTR. More power, almost kicked me out of the board. Price compare to Evolve is less expensive too. I love both of my boards. Its worth checking the two Brands : ONSRA and Evolve. Almost identical, but you figure it out yourself. Have fun and be safe! Get Stoked!
Al G.
Veteran/ skateboarder

Great fun

I did a lot of research before buying the ONSRA Black Carve. Literally months of watching Esk8 reviews videos online. I didnt want to spend more than USD$2000, since it was my first board. I also did not want to buy a cheap toy that would not perform, or break early. I also was looking for versatility, all terrain capability, as well as good power, speed, and the ability to go up pretty steep hills (I live in San Francisco).
The ONSRA Black Carve met all these criteria on paper.
When I received it, I must say I was even more satisfied than I expected with the built quality, the power, and speed. So far (100km of riding this board), everything is great!
I would say that the 26miles range is probably reached in absolute optimal conditions (I am about the same weight as fabi).
Great product ONSRA!

Love the AT model

The AT wheels are amazing. They make the ride more comfortable. I'm also enjoying the ride because I don't have to constantly worry about if I'm going to be ejected from my board from rocks or cracks in the road. The board goes crazy fast, and really good range. The customer service is awesome as well, they were understanding and helpful.

Dual Belt

I've already put a couple hundred miles on this board and i just love it! Thinking now adding the new AT Kit as well so i can cover it all. highly recommending for any fun enthusiast.

Plush ride

Steady safe cruise. State of art now!

Amazing board

Love this board. The power is amazing and just overall aesthetics are very pleasing. Riding on the rubber 115mm wheels I feel like I can almost go over anything without worry. I have an Evolve but would definitely buy this over another Evolve any day.

Great Board

I wanted something to zoom around the neighborhood and not cause much attention. I surf-skate, surf, and snowboard. Riding this board is like snowboarding on the street. It has great power, speed, corners fantastic, is quiet, and has lots of wheel options. I have 115 miles on it and have no complaints. I have Cloud 120mm, M-board's 97mm, and the 115mm rubber wheels. I mostly use the 120mm and 97mm because they use the same ABEC adaptor. Only Onsra's wheel adaptors. I tried M-boards ABEC adaptors and they were a no-go on the Onsra. The 97mm have the best cornering, but very little clearance, so the motors get dinged up and you feel lots of vibration and bumps. The 120mm have the best clearance (at this time March 2021), good dampening for vibration, and good cornering for such a large wheel. The 115mm rubber wheel have the best dampening and good cornering. Due to the direct drive motor location, you don't have much clearance for off-roading, even with the 120mm wheels. I cut up and old mountain bike tube, and bought silicon kids wrist bracelets and slipped them over 1/2 of the motor near the kingpin to limit the dings. It helped a little bit, but has not been tested in the summer heat. I wish there was a 200mm wheel adaptor for off-roading. Onsra please make a 200mm wheel adaptor for direct drive!!! Also, I have to use reading glasses, so I wish the remote display was a little larger. I taped a wrist watch magnifying glass over the screen and that helped. I miss having a kicktail sometime when maneuvering in small spaces, but I like the possibility to being able to use 200mm wheels someday. If you get a e-skate, I highly I recommend wearing as many pads as possible. I have knee, elbow, hip, shoulder pads, a helmet, and gloves with built in wrist protection. I wear tough fabric like denim. I took a spill at 24 mph and my protection worked. I only had some minor bruises and road rash. The Flatlands Pro E-skate gloves really work and are worth every penny.

A very impressive machine!

I'm loving riding my Black Carve AT. I have motorcycles, surfboards, skateboards, and lately having been enjoying the Onsra the most. I rode the first 25 miles with the airless 115mm wheels, and I think they ride and grip very well. I wasn't in a hurry to install the pneumatic wheels, at all. I am now using the AT wheels, and like how different air pressures affect comfort, range, and speed. The range and the carving performance of this board is excellent with both types of wheels. Onsra Calif. has been great. I ordered my board and it was delivered to Carlsbad, CA the very next day.

AT model

Onsra AT board just so awesome, its fast & with lots of torque! After few riders you get the hang of it but its great one, just little to short for me, I wish it was a bit longer deck, but besides its just great.