ONSRA Warranty Policy

ONSRA Australia Two Year Warranty

We want to be sure you enjoy your new ONSRA electric skateboard - without fault - for years to come. That’s why every new ONSRA electric skateboard includes a two year warranty.

This warranty ensures your board will be from manufacturer defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase (excludes the battery which is backed by a one year warranty).

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of the product. This warranty also does not cover damage incurred through misuse of the product.

It’s strongly recommended you retain your original sales invoice and ensure you take note of the serial number of your board. This makes communication easier in the event of a warranty claim.

Please note that we only provide a warranty for products purchased via our website (ONSRA Australia), or where an original purchase receipt can be obtained when purchasing a second-hand board.

Purchases from any other source outside the conditions above are excluded and not covered by warranty.

How to make a warranty claim

To make a warranty claim, you must contact ONSRA Australia via our contact us page. You must also provide ONSRA Australia with proof of purchase of the product, such as the original tax invoice or order confirmation, which clearly shows the product purchase date.

ONSRA Australia will then provide you with a return authorisation number, and instructions on where to ship your board.

Who covers shipping costs in the event of a warranty claim?

After you have received your return authorisation number and instructions for shipping, you must send your board to ONSRA Australia at your cost, for inspection to diagnose the fault and confirm a warranty claim applies. Please note the following prior to shipping your board back to us:

  • Your board should be safely packaged for return shipping (preferably in the original factory packaging);
  • Your name, address, phone number and the return authorisation number must be provided with the board;
  • You take all responsibility for risk of loss or damage to your board while in transit;
  • We recommend obtaining shipping insurance for the full value of your board, in the unlikely event that it is lost or damaged while in transit.
  • Upon receipt of the returned board, ONSRA Australia will promptly evaluate the warranty claim and, in its sole discretion, either:
    1. accept the warranty claim, in which case ONSRA Australia will repair or replace the board and return it to you at ONSRA Australia’s cost or, issue a credit or refund in accordance with the warranty; or
    2. reject the warranty claim, in which case ONSRA Australia will return your board to you at your cost.

ONSRA Australia will process an accepted warranty claim as soon as reasonably practicable, however timing will depend on availability of service technicians and, if ONSRA Australia elects to repair the Product, the availability of parts.

What's covered under the two year warranty?

The ONSRA two year warranty guarantees that the deck, motors, enclosure, charger, remote controller, trucks and the ESC will be free from defects for a period of two years (24 months) from the date of purchase.

If your Warranty Claim is accepted, ONSRA Australia reserves the right to to decide, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace your board, or issue a credit or refund in accordance with this warranty.

Is the battery covered by a warranty?

Your battery is covered by a one year warranty. This warranty guarantees your battery will remain in good running condition for a period of one year from the purchase date.

The capacity of lithium ion batteries drops naturally over time with regular usage; this is normal for all lithium batteries and does not constitute eligibility for a warranty claim.

Do not try and change or repair the battery yourself. ONSRA Australia reserves the right to determine at its sole discretion whether the battery on your board has been tampered with. Repairs to the battery by anyone other than an ONSRA Australia representative, or without our instruction, will automatically void the warranty.

What’s NOT covered under the ONSRA two year warranty?

The following are NOT covered under the ONSRA two year warranty:

  • Wheels, bearings, bushings and grip tape are considered ‘wear and tear’ items and are not covered under warranty
  • Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage.
  • Any damage outside of normal use
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs of the product or using unauthorized parts
  • Damage or injury to the rider or other objects caused by the skateboard or its accessories
  • Improper operation including high impact, crashes, dropping the board etc.
  • Disassembling, repackaging and repairing in violation of our instructions
  • Normal battery degradation from use
  • Damage to the battery due to incorrect charging or leaving it uncharged for an extended period

If the product has a problem under the above conditions within the warranty period, we can service your board for a fee.

Where no manufacturing fault is found from the assessment of the product, the customer will be liable for the costs of the assessment, repairs and total shipping cost (total shipping cost refers to “round-trip” shipping – sending the product to ONSRA Australia and returning the product to the customer).