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ONSRA Challenger Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

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The Onsra Challenger is full-sized, cruiser-style, belt drive electric skateboard engineered and designed in Switzerland. And it’s guaranteed to blow your mind...

Fully engineered and designed in Switzerland the Onsra Challenger is hands down one of the best electric skateboards on the market right now.

Featuring a cool, old-school cruiser style with integrated kick tail, this is one seriously awesome-looking board. There’s simply nothing close to this on the market right now.

Packing powerful dual 1,300 watt brushless motors (2,600 watt total; nominal real-world power) and an extra large 12S2P lithium-ion battery, our real world tests (using a 75kg rider) show you can push the Challenger up to 53km/h (using 120mm CloudWheels; that’s fast!) and squeeze out a range of up to 39km (using 105mm CloudWheels) on a full charge.

From those figures alone you can see this is one of the best performing, electric skateboards around.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. No sirree!

The Challenger is crafted from top quality maple and fibreglass. The deck is covered in awesome-looking, 4mm thick grip tape.

This is a deck that is built to last you for years to come.

Included with your new Challenger belt drive is everything you need to hit the streets and start carving right out of the box including a wireless remote controller, charger, assembly tool and user manual

Better still you’re covered by a full two year local warranty in the highly unlikely event your Challenger belt drive runs into any issues.

More details below.

First, here’s all the awesome features packed into the Onsra Challenger belt drive electric skateboard...

Key features

  • Reach speeds of up to 53km/h
  • Up to 39km range on a single charge
  • Powerful, dual 1,300 watt belt driven motors (2,600 watt total; nominal real-world power)
  • Old-school, 80s cruiser style board
  • Ergonomic wireless remote control with LED display - see all your important data with a quick glance
  • Pre-installed 105mm CloudWheels
  • Top quality deck crafted from 6 ply maple, 2 ply fibreglass
  • Hobbywing customized 12S Turbo ESC
  • Deck length is 90cm with a 64cm - 74cm wheelbase
  • Premium Samsung 12S2P, 21700 lithium-ion battery (Nominal real-world capacity: 43.2V, 432Wh, 10Ah)
  • Super carve 320mm trucks - perfect for carving!
  • IP65 water resistance to protect all the precious internals from water and dust
  • Regenerative brakes that stop you fast
  • Max load is 150kg so even heavier riders can cruise on the Black Carve 2 in style
  • Supports Kegel & ABEC adapters so you can swap out almost any wheels
  • Backed by a full two year local warranty and lifetime customer support
  • Weighs in at just 9.8kgs making your Challenger easy to transport and carry around
  • Recharge your board from 15-100% in 3-4 hours (using the 2.5A charger included)
  • Your purchase includes a fully assembled Challenger belt drive with preinstalled 105mm CloudWheels wheels, T-tool, 2.5mm Allen key tool, 4mm Allen key tool, 2.5A charger (Australian standard), user manual & Onsra wireless remote controller

Here’s everything you need to know about the Onsra Challenger belt drive electric skateboard…

The Onsra Challenger belt drive packs a fast-paced punch with all dual 1,300 watt (2,600 watt total) motors that can push you up to an insane 53km/h

The Challenger belt drive features dual brushless motors. Rated at 1,300 watts each, you’ve got combined power of 2,600 watts (nominal real-world power) that are capable of pushing the Challenger to a top speed of 53km/h.

The Challenger accelerates off the line super fast and with the motor set-up can easily chew up gradients of up to 35%. The Challenger can take on any hill with ease.

You can squeeze out a range of up to 39km from a full charge (real world test using a 75kg rider)

Not only is the Onsra Challenger fast, it features a range to match.

Thanks to the extra large, Samsung lithium ion 12S2P battery, you can achieve a range of up to 39km.

We’re not just pulling those numbers from thin air. These numbers are based on real world tests with a 75kg rider. Of course, the range will differ depending on the weight of the rider, wheel set up and environment.

First class construction and components - the Challenger belt drive is crafted to the highest standard and built to last a lifetime (backed by a two year local warranty)

The board is constructed from 6 ply maple and 2 ply fibreglass. We’ve chosen this mixture due to its strength and rigidity. However, the deck still has a little ‘bounce’ in it.

So, it’s not 100% stiff.

This design is great for carving. Combined with the 13 inch double kingpin trucks, you’ll be carving up your local streets like a king!

The Challenger is waterproof rated to IP65, so you can run over puddles and get caught in the rain with no damage to the board whatsoever. The battery case is sealed with an industrial-strength silicone barrier that keeps out water and dust.

Plus, your Challenger belt drive is backed by a two year local warranty. In the highly unlikely event a problem arises with your Challenger, simply contact us and we can usually fix most issues inside a couple of days.

We keep a warehouse stocked with spare parts just in case. So, in the event you do run into trouble, we’ll be around to help you out.

Includes everything you need to hit the streets and start carving straight from the box

Your new Challenger electric skateboard includes everything you need to start riding straight from the box.

Inside the box you’ll find a fully assembled Challenger belt drive with pre-installed 105mm, cloud wheels, an ergonomic, wireless remote control with oversized thumb roller for acceleration and braking.

You’ll also find a 2.5A Australian standard charger, a T-Tool, 2.5mm Allen key tool and a user manual that details all the info you need to properly operate your Challenger electric skateboard.


Deck material 6 ply maple, 2 ply fibreglass
Shape Old-school, 80s cruiser style
Deck length 90cm
Wheelbase 64cm - 74cm
Trucks Super Carve 13 inch (320mm)
Bushings  100A 95% high rebound
Motors 2x 1,300 watt (2,600 watt total) 5048 160KV - brushless motors
Battery Samsung lithium-ion 12S2P, 21700
Nominal real-world capacity: 43.2V, 432Wh, 10AH
Water resistance  Rated to IP65 (low pressure water)
Recharge time From 15-100% in approx. 3-4 hours using the 2.5A charger included
Range (real world max; 75kg rider)

39km (105mm CloudWheels)
29km (115mm rubber wheels)
37km (120mm CloudWheels)

Speed 47km/h (105mm CloudWheels)
47km/h (115mm rubber wheels)
53km/h (120mm CloudWheels)
Brakes Regenerative
Weight 9.8kgs
Noise Almost noiseless
ESC Hobbywing customized 12S Turbo ESC
Max load Max Rider Weight: 150kg
Rider weight between 110kg-150kg will decrease range and speed by about 15-30%
Adapters 97mm - 130mm KEGEL and ABEC supported 

Non-wear items: 2 year

Battery: 1 year

What's included?

Fully assembled Challenger belt drive with 105mm CloudWheels, T-tool, 2.5mm Allen key tool, 4mm Allen key tool, 2.5A charger (Australian standard), user manual & Onsra wireless remote controller

What’s In The Box?

1x ONSRA Challenger Belt Drive with 105mm CloudWheels
1x T-tool
1x 2.5mm Allen key tool
1x 4mm Allen key tool
1x 2.5A charger (Australian standard)
1x Onsra wireless electric remote control